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In conjunction with the release of Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection, Clan Analogue are pleased to make available Cognition X: The Clan Analogue Rarities Collection, a selection of rare and obscure tracks from the collective's back catalogue. Many of these 17 tracks have not been heard for over a decade, coming from early vinyl, cassette and CD releases going back to the early 90s.

Hear Infusion back when they were called Oceania! Listen to a track by Clan Analogue founders Toby Grime and Brendan Palmer working together as Telharmoneom. Check out Deepchild working with the Fourplay Quartet. And lots more...

This release is available free for download to all who purchased Re Cognition on CD. Just answer the pop quiz question! Otherwise, Cognition X is available from iTunes.

Cognition X: The Clan Analogue Rarities Collection: track listing

  • 1.Telharmoneom - Spectrum Analyzer from Schizmatrix (CAC01) released 1994
  • 2.Swalbr - Organic from Clan Analogue EP1 (CA001) released 1992
  • 3.Krang - Escape Velocity from Clan Analogue EP4 (CA004) released 1994
  • 4.Moo - I?I from Pre-Sense (CA021) released 1998
  • 5.The Family - Baat 2; rotor Vers 1.0 from DeEP Three (CA003) released 1993
  • 6.Nanotech - Prairie from Music For Aliens (CA009) released 1994
  • 7.Holy Terra - Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector from Music For Aliens (CA009) released 1994
  • 8.Oceania - Ascend from Clan Analogue EP1 (CA001) released 1993
  • 9.Genlevel - My Baby Won't Boogie No More from 20 Disco Greats (CA020) released 1999
  • 10.Biceals3 - Meem from Cognition 3 (CA025) released 2000
  • 11.Deepchild vs FourPlay - Gypsy Scream (live) from Clan Recordable (CAS01)
  • 12.Loose Unit featuring Jah Jaffle - Particular Purple from Clan Analogue EP2 (CA002) released 1993
  • 13.Bubble & Squeak - Gargamel from Sampled Synthesis 3 (CAM03) released 2002
  • 14.Atone - Burundi from Atonement (CA006) released 1994
  • 15.Size - Tuna Helper Radio Glove from Cog (CA007) released 1995
  • 16.Kazumichi Grime - Inside from Aphelion One (CA011) released 1997
  • 17.Seo - Namaste from Clan Analogue Melbourne (CA006E) released 1994

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